Bucks Arts Weeks

Hi there internet, its been a while..

Whilst I have big plans to write a killer post about what is outside existentialism (existence can't be immortal by definition, its not infinite, so whats on the other side?).. Yeah, whatev's. 

Anyway, I thought I should at least try to promote a very small exhibition I have going on in my back garden for Bucks Arts Weeks, here is my entry in their website: https://www.bucksartweeks.org.uk/open-studios/2018/nick-wiltshire-photographic-artist

The only trouble is that, well it was too soon.. I have some work done but now I've just started my new job (here by the way: www.siso.co.uk, fun!) and just the time it's taken to get the darkroom together its all been a bit of a rush..

But anyhoo, if you are interested and are passing Tring over the next few weekends, feel free to pop in. I shall be somewhere around the house..

First day..

Well, sorry a little late due to inclement weather (oh the irony, I would have killed to have a couple of days stuck at home with Oscar only a few months ago!). But today I start laying out what is next (and what will stick).


Firstly, my Gandolfi, rescue it from the loft. 
I want to start using 5x4 again, just incase the - working with digital/analogue darkroom prints - doesn't work out. Actually the way I'm thinking of using it, using 5x4 will probably be more legitimate and certainly will appear sharper in the final print, but time will tell on that one. In any case I really want to get a good long lens like a Fujinon 300c or 400T (specialist telephoto) or a Nikkor-M 300mm f9. Large format lenses are so cheap I may see if I can get a nice 210mm as well.


Then darkroom..
I'll try to get pics of this as we go. I have to get the plumbing done and fit the sinks. Build a bench for my digi printers (I'll probably do this first). Paint the floor (this second). Then probably need some kind of storage (hit ebay for this).


Then workshop..
My business idea to sell personalised, traditionally made photographic sculptures has been on hold for a bit whilst I left work but now I need to see properly if its a goer. I need to make a product that can work aesthetically and also is easy to make. Walnut seems to be a good choice (not necessarily the best ethically, and you know I'm all about the ethically!), otherwise I have been experimenting with different stains on lime (which is locally sourced and from managed woodland). I just need some time to work on it then I can have a chat with some friends who run the brilliant Giftwink - www.giftwink.com - and some others, then we'll see...

Urmm and also go and take some pictures.
Yeah, like my camera is now constantly glued to my hand, as it should be..