Bucks Arts Weeks

Hi there internet, its been a while..

Whilst I have big plans to write a killer post about what is outside existentialism (existence can't be immortal by definition, its not infinite, so whats on the other side?).. Yeah, whatev's. 

Anyway, I thought I should at least try to promote a very small exhibition I have going on in my back garden for Bucks Arts Weeks, here is my entry in their website: https://www.bucksartweeks.org.uk/open-studios/2018/nick-wiltshire-photographic-artist

The only trouble is that, well it was too soon.. I have some work done but now I've just started my new job (here by the way: www.siso.co.uk, fun!) and just the time it's taken to get the darkroom together its all been a bit of a rush..

But anyhoo, if you are interested and are passing Tring over the next few weekends, feel free to pop in. I shall be somewhere around the house..