Byron's Mirror (2011) is a series of images all taken in or around George Gordon, Lord Byron's rooms in Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire. These rooms are said to be haunted by a priest killed when king Henry III's troops took the Abbey and gave it to the Byron family. George Byron spent much of his twenties living at Newstead and had an interesting relationship with the place. It being very rundown by his great uncle, William Byron (5th Baron of Newstead), George Gordon could not afford to renovate the entire Abbey and so concentrated on his own rooms and those of his mothers:

" Through thy battlements, Newstead, the hollow winds whistle:
    Thou, the hall of my Fathers, art gone to decay;
  In thy once smiling garden, the hemlock and thistle
    Have choak'd up the rose, which late bloom'd in the way."

On leaving Newstead, George Gordon, Lord Byron, 1803